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      Pictures often give a glimpse into the history and experiences behind the individuals in the pictures. I see them somewhat as Time Machines because a picture can give immediate rememberence of a time in your past much like music does. Pictures can also connect other individuals much like an art museum impacts and affects it's visiting patrons. I chose a wide selection of graphics I thought you'd enjoy viewing. Much of it's from Gigs-Past but not all. For example, the St. Helens Pictures are mine shot from my house in Vancouver Washington.

The Navy shots are also mine taken mostly be me while I served in Viet Nam and other ports of call. Then there's the ad copies from Gigs-Past. They always bring back memories for me. In any case I hope you find this gallery enjoyable and leave with a better understanding of T. Owen Prellwitz and my background.

  T. Owen Prellwitz @ Littlerock Studios

The Gallery - Click any image to see it at full size.
BogotaCartoon.jpg BogotaGoldenCarriage.gif BogotaMillCreekInn.jpg BogotaNordicFlyer.jpg BogotaNordicSign.jpg
Chopper.jpg ClownReads.jpg ClownReadsWaterColor.jpg ComputerMonitor_Tracks.jpg Coontz1.jpg
Coontz2.jpg Gambler_SparTree.gif Gambler4Piece.jpg GamblerPoster.jpg GamblerStevenson.gif
GamblerTheClubhouse.gif GlenVeltcamp.jpg JerrySmith.jpg LittleRock_Sessions_Carity, Joel, Pat.JPG LittleRock_Sessions_Pat Folley.jpg
LittleRock_Sessions_Pat Folley2.jpg LittleRock_Sessions_Tim.JPG LittleRock_Sessions_Tim2.JPG LittleRock_Sessions_Tim3.JPG LittleRock_Tim&Don.jpg
Monarch_Butterfly.gif Monarch_WoodCarvers1.gif SnowManTim1.jpg SnowManTim2.jpg SnowManTim3.jpg
SnowManTim4.jpg StHelensLitho.jpg StHelens-Vancouver View.jpg Tim_CheshireCatSmile.jpg Tim_Little Rock1.JPG
Tim_LittleRock2.JPG Tim_Monarch1.jpg Tim_Puerto1.jpg TOP1960.jpg TOP1965.jpg
Tumwater_Tim_Monarch1.gif ToughCat.jpg Tumwater_GaryDyer_Monarch.gif Tumwater_GaryDyer_Monarch2.gif Tumwater_Tim&Gary_Monarch1.gif
My Shellback Certificate My US Navy ETN-2 Discharge Certificate Guitar Graveyard Ocean Liner in Dry Dock Ocean Liner in Dry Dock
Electric Car Electric Car My Datsun Roadster My Sander Controller My Sander Controller
Grand-Kids are interesting A Terrier Missile coming off the rails! Rodney Redmond - My photo A Technician Friend @ Tektronix A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
A Mozerrela Salt Vat A Cream Seperator A Cheese Vat My Ohms Law (AC & DC) Nomograph Stephanie Harris - Boy that girl could sing!
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