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        Welcome to my website! This site exists to provide information, entertainment,and a link to communicate with me. What follows below on this page provides some background, history and other information relative to my involvement in music and entertainment. You might also want to check out the repertoire and pictures pages by clicking on the menu items.
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    Here's a Linear Chronograph of my musical experience. I got my first guitar in 1962!

        I have been a performing musician for over 30 years playing in local lounges, clubs, parades, home shows, taverns, Cocktail lounges, and special business/organization parties. I have over twenty years experience as a union musician.
        I offer a one man band act currently highlined as "T. Owen" where I play a wide variety of commercial rock, country, country-rock, pop, blues, jazz, and other genre's. In my act I perform a variety of formats ranging from sheer acoustical performances, to electrified acoustical songs, to full blown stereo computer back up tracks performing a lounge act that includes a big screen with graphics and images synched to the songs and with additional live muscians. I even have a big screen Go-Go Dancer who actually dances to the music on command!

    Venues & Booking
        I am currently auditioning for venues that I feel can exploit and take advantage of this type of hi-tech show. If you've ever wanted to sit in on a recording session in a studio then you'll have to hear this for yourself! The old days of the beat-box are dead and gone. Welcome to the age of Computers & Music. {psst!... Don't tell Microsoft they missed the boat by ignoring what a computer can do with music and video and instead focusing on games. A bad move I'm taking advantage of big time!}

    I am also available for a variety of services besides a steady booking for my show "T. Owen".
    I can offer services in these areas..

  • Disc Jockey - I show up and play music and act as Master of Cerimonies.
  • Karaoke Jockey & Disc Jockey - I show up and play music and host a karaoke show.
  • Studio Time - I selectively offer time in my studio to produce music for others. I can produce Music CD's, Karaoke CD's, MP+G Karaoke, and teach how to use the computer to produce music. It's way cool!
  • Guitar Lessons - Want to play the guitar well? (psst.. read my bio eh?)
  • Singing Lessons - Want to learn how to sing well? I can help!

    Get an E-Mail Quote!
        Drop me an e-mail for a quote for any of the above services. I generally ask for a fair market value based on current rates. I am however a colaborator at heart and willing to listen to other offers and terms. The rates vary by the service being offered. All the above services are not available during my "T. Owen" show times obviously, but instead are available at other times, like a wedding, or other special event. The first step to book with me is to of course ... contact me with what your needs are and I'll take it from there! I do however ask we exchange signed written agreements when it comes to bookings. Unsigned agreements are null & void. Ask any reputable businessman; "If you're not willing to put it in writing then you're not commited to a successful event". If you're the kind that "plans your work" and then "works your plan" we'll get along fabulously!

    "RSVP Guest Artists"
        Part of my show allows for guest musicians and singers to sit in with the performance as part of the show. These are not casual unprepared musicians and singers. These are artists I know and have worked out arrangements just to allow them to showcase their talents at my show by sitting in. Eventually I see this evolving into probably a two person act but could grow even more as well as a growing selection of talent I can showcase. We'll see. My reasoning is based upon the fact I know so many musicians who actually have talent but lack any place they can show off their talents. By creating custom music arrangements for these folks I can easily accomodate them sitting in with any session or show. The guest musician gets to showcase, I get added talent and show content, and the venue gets additional free entertainment. Everybody wins! Plus, I get to make a show that emulates what it's like in a recording studio with all this extra talent and Hi-Tech Systems. Very cool indeed!

    Paid My Dues & Then Some...
       It's a common inference to hear a musician has "paid his/her dues". This to me generally implies a person has not only studied and practiced their musical talent it also means they have hands on experience in performing live and in the recording studio. Typically many years and under various conditions and situations. That's Me! With over 35 years of musical experience playing in the studio and in clubs I bring a wide diversity of talent and capabilities that only comes with having paid my dues.
    Can you say "Buckaroo-Bonzai?"
       Add to that I'm a studio engineer (My first year of college was majoring in Television & Radio Broadcast Engineering) and I have my own recording studio. I am most definately NOT your run of the mill average musician. Read my history and I think you'll get an idea of what I mean. Rent or buy any Buckaroo Bonzai Movie (English) to understand the paragraph caption I used.

    My Pre-Adult Years
       After months of pleading with my parents when I was 12 or 13 years of age I finally got my first guitar. It was a Sears & Roebuck cheapy and played terribly but I stuck it out and practiced on it for about three years when I finally bought my second guitar a Goya classical nylon string guitar. I can't stress enough that if you're gonna buy a guitar buy a decent one! It makes a world of difference when your gonna spent lots of time playing it.
       While I played it regularly my life from 17 to 21 was involved in being a sailor in the US Navy so music was a down time for fun thing during this phase of my life. When I was discharged from the Navy I then went to Yakima Valley College majoring in broadcast engineering. During this time I played at small parties and with friends mostly just for the fun of it.

    A New Performer Is Created
       After college I had played enough to know I like performing lots! When I was working in San Diego I auditioned for a job in a cocktail lounge called "Le-Chalet" in Ocean Beach, just north of San Diego. Lo and Behold I got the gig! That was the start of my first steady gig where I played 3 nights a week (Fri-Sat-Sun) for about 18 months. I left for another better job offer in Chula Vista at a lounge and restaurant playing 4 nights a week. By that time I was convinced I was hooked like a drug on live performing. Not to mention I remember this phase as my "Jiggalo" years. I'll let you figure out why eh?
    The Bogota Years
       In 1970 I moved out of California and to Shelton, Washington where I set up a business with my older brother Bob (P&P Electronics) and formed a band called Bogota. It was a three piece band with Neal Puter on Drums, Jerry Smith on Bass, and myself on Guitar. From about 1971 to 1978-79 We played clubs, taverns, parties, special events, parades, home shows, and Lounges. The only bad part of this experience was being union musicians we had to pay dues all the time to our corrupt musician's local. Talk about a bunch of crooks. They did absolutely nothing that helped my band yet we had to pay them around 25% of our gross earnings. It was more like organized crime that forces you to pay "protection" fees. Okay, enough of this diatribe! Our bookings covered the entire Hood Canal area including Tacoma, Bremerton, Shelton, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Oceans Shores, Long Beach, Fife, Fort Lewis, and numerous businesses and organizations. My favorites were the Nordic Inn in Aberdeen and a Pub, The Loggers Inn in downtown Shelton.
    The Gambler Years
       In 1978 I moved from Shelton to Vancouver Washington where I formed a three piece band called Gambler. The members were George Barry on Drums, Glen Veltcamp on Bass, and myself on Guitar. This time I did not join the musicians union having dumped the old local in Shelton. I was determined to find non-union work to avoid paying those scum-bags. It took about 6 months and Gambler was booking nicely. We had work almost every week and had managed to land several house gigs during our 12 year experience. The most favorite of all my bookings were the Fairs, Home Shows, Eagles Lodge Parties, New years Band for the Washington State Patrol (Vancouver), and Dollars Corners Tavern where we house banded for about 4 years. I have many fond memories of this time in my life.
    The Olympia Years
       In 1992 fate sent me moving to Olympia Washington in search of better career opportunities and to help a step daughter get out of a bad environment. It took a few months to settle in and after a short while I got back into music this time in recording studios. I hooked up with a local friend I had made who owned and operated Littlerock Studios in Tumwater where we operated recording sessions for all sorts of projects. Some bands, some individual performers, some karaoke singers wanting to make an album, some sound tracks for local movie projects, some sound work for pbs, and some original composition projects. Our relationship lasted for about three years before I left Littlerock Studios to run my own studio and get back into live performing again. This was about 3 years ago and since then I have been hosting as an MC, DJ, KJ, and performer at a wide variety of bookings and special events like weddings, sweet 16 parties, etc.
        In 2008 I joined with "Flashback" a Classic Hits Band as the second rhythm & lead guitarist and singer. Unfortunately in June of 2009 I was fired by Jesse and Dennis (The founders) evidently because they didn't want to put in the time and effort to dedicated practice nor did they want to play live more than once a month. After about six months of effort time and energy (and creating a Flashback web site.) I discover they don't want to be a professional band. They wanted more of a hobby band that plays for fun. Truth be told...it was a good turn of events since I am focused and want more than just a garage band playing for my own fun. It's sad I wasted the time, effort, and money with these boys but it's better to find out now rather than later. They say things happen for a reason so we'll leave this on a happy note by wishing them well. I'm on to bigger and better things.
       The last two years have been a major overhaul of my recording studio. I have updated the entire process to computerized processes that gives me a 256 track digital multi-track recorder. Surround Sound stereo, 5.1, & 7.1. Digital effects and a slew of other studio magic! It's truly incredible what the computer can do these days and I'm setting up a studio and stage system that exploits just that! Once you hear what my system can do you'll be impressed I'm sure. So today I am in the final process of programming my repertoire and recording original songs. It's been years in the making to finally have a system capable of doing all the things I want in a studio and on stage yet still, I feel it's been well worth the effort!
    My Guitars
       I have always had a love of the guitars I own and play. The favorites I have had and still have are My Goya a Nylon String Guitar which like a fool I gave to an ex-girlfriend years back. I miss that guitar! My Gibson ES-335 BB King Style. It was a nice sounding and easy playing axe I loved. It was stolen in Reno by unkown indians from the reservation along with my VOX amp setup and microphones. My Takamine F-340 Acoustic. A Really easy playing and great sounding acoustic steel 6 string. I love this guitar and use it often! My Fender Broadcaster. My favorite of them all. I still use this axe with reverence. It's been a true standby and great axe for me. It's easy to play it for extended periods of time and stays in tune really good. To date it's been the best lead guitar I've ever played! Coupled with my Behringer X-VAmp guitar pedal and I've got every Amp and Effect a guitarist could want! This pedal also provides a stereo output of my guitar that is to die for. The tracks I cut in the studio are so much better than mic'ing my guitar amp I can't believe how clean clear and exciting it's made my guitar tracks. Anyone who knows how to play a guitar has my immediate respect! It takes a long time to get there so the repect is well deserved.

    I use Band In A Box!
       I recently joined a Web-Ring of Band In A Box (BIAB) users because I use BIAB all the time in studying and composing music. It's a fantastic tool for exploration and developement of songs. Not to mention the great job it does in letting you vary styles around a progression to explore the possibilities dynamically! Anyone into music should be familiar with and have a running copy of Band In A Box in my opinion. It's that good.

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